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Dog Allergies - Dog Allergies and How to Handle Them

How common are allergies in dogs?

Allergies in dogs are very common, especially around here. We see seasons and pockets of allergies that occur all the time. So to answer, how common are they? Very common. We see them a lot.

Dr. Carli Reece
Standiford Veterinary Center

What are some of the common dog allergies?

Some of the common signs of allergies we tend to see in dogs, and how they present to us, are chronic ear infections, licking at their paws, red skin, irritation, and really itchy. Those are some more basic ones. Some of the more severe ones would be full allergic reactions and swelling of the face swelling and the lips. Sometimes we even see vomiting in the severe reactions.

How do allergies impact the health and wellbeing of my dog?

Allergies affect lots of things in your dog. One, they affect the comfort of your dog because they're making your dog super itchy and uncomfortable. They're also affecting you as you watch your dog sit there, scratch incessantly at itself, which affects your whole relationship with your dog. Not just your dog's health and wellbeing, but it's also putting your dog in a constant state of inflammation and constantly trying to fight off these allergies that are making them sick.

Are there other signs and symptoms of allergies in dogs?

Licking, scratching, hives, swollen face, and vomiting in more severe cases. We can have rashes and really irritated skin, and some of these allergies can actually turn into secondary bacterial infections in the skin too.

Can I diagnose my dog's allergies at home?

Lots of times, you can realize that there's something going on with your dog, and if you know what's going on and what to watch for, you can do a lot of figuring out what may be going on with your dog at home. Then when your come in and sit down and talk with us, we like to ask lots of questions because we're trying to get a good history to determine if there is an underlying cause of these allergies that we can try to prevent.

What will my veterinarian do to diagnose allergies?

Allergies can be diagnosed through multiple things. A good history and a good physical exam are the main ways we diagnose allergies. From there, we work with you to figure out a plan to determine how to make your dog more comfortable.

How are dogs' allergies treated using anti-inflammatory therapy?

There are some common therapies that we use to treat dogs with allergies. We start with management at home as you can't cure allergies; you have to figure out the best treatment that works for your dog and how to avoid the allergies. But there are also medications. There's a product called Cytopoint that really helps control itching dogs, along with another product called Apoquel. We use lots of shampoos and preventative care at home to help control allergies.

How is shampoo therapy used for dog allergies?

We have medicated shampoos that not only help to get the bacteria and yeast off the skin but also help to control the itch so that the dogs can remain more comfortable at home.

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